Meet the Staff

Meet the United Steelworkers' Tony Mazzocchi Center and Health, Safety and Environment department staff.

Connie Brown, Administrative Assistant

Connie Brown has been with the Steelworkers for approximately 26 years; in that time, she worked in six different departments. She started working in the Health, Safety and Environment department on February 3, 2014.

Connie is currently working on organizing all the serious injury and fatality data, so the USW can use it to better predict (if possible) and/or educate members about when accidents are more likely to occur; to whom; and, ultimately, the conditions and/or experience (training, overtime, etc.) prior to the accident. Finally, her tasks also include anything else clerically required for the HSE department, Emergency Response Team and the Tony Mazzocchi Center.

Connie Brown may be reached at (412) 562-2528 or

David Cassady, TMC Program Coordinator

David Cassady, TMC Program Coordinator
David Cassady embarked upon his working life in 1978 at a non-union steel mill in a right-to-work state of Virginia. He worked there first as a laborer and then machinist/fabricator for 16 years. The last five or six years there, losing benefits as well as a freeze in wages during that time frame; what was a good job in the area became a lot less in that time.

In order to provide a better life David went to work for Yokohama Tire Corp. that was represented by the United Rubber Workers in 1994; later to become the United Steelworkers. David, with the support of his home local, USW Local 1023, was able to achieve an Advanced Safety Certification from the National Safety Council as well as numerous other trainings offered by the USW that allowed him to facilitate OSHA 10- and 30-hour General Industry and Construction classes.

David has been on a leave of absence from Yokohama Tire Corp. and has been working for the Tony Mazzochi Center since 2005. With the support of the Tony Mazzochi Center and the United Steelworkers, David has achieved the following:

  • Adjunct faculty for OSHA Region III as a Master Trainer in both General Industry and Construction classes
  • Program Training Coordinator for Hazardous Material Training at Linden Hall
  • Program Training Coordinator OSHA Training
  • Program Training Director representing our Department of Energy site local unions

It has been a privilege to serve our union members in each of these capacities.

David Cassady may be reached at (540) 797-3405 or

Linda Cook, TMC Training Coordinator

Linda Cook may be reached at (814) 368-9432 or

Don Faulkner, HSE Specialist

Don Faulkner
Don Faulkner came from Newport, Ky., where he worked in a steel plant as a health and safety chairman until 1994. Then he became a USW liaison at an EPA Grant consortium in Cincinnati, Ohio with five other unions. He moved to the USW in Collective Bargaining in 1998, returning to HSE in 2003.

He attended the University of Kentucky Union Leadership Program, the Harvard School of Public Health and University of North Carolina, completing his Industrial Hygiene Certificate Training. He also has completed many OSHA certificate programs and has extensive training in respiratory protection. Don has been a USW member since 1974 when he was first employed by Interlake Steel.

Don Faulkner may be reached at (412) 562-2585 or

Jim Frederick, HSE Assistant Director

Jim Frederick, HSE assistant director
Jim Frederick has worked with the United Steelworkers (USW) International Union since 1994 in the Health, Safety and Environment department. Jim is currently the assistant director of the HSE department. In addition, Jim coordinates the work of the USW’s Tony Mazzocchi Center for Worker Health and Safety Education and several federal grant programs.

Jim acts as an advocate and technical resource to the local unions of the USW on health and safety issues. The work of the department focuses on providing workplace health and safety assistance, assisting local unions with health and safety contract provisions, participating in government regulatory activity and rulemaking, and developing and delivering occupational health, safety and environmental training programs for union members and employers.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health and industrial hygiene and a Master of Science degree in environmental health and safety management.

Jim Frederick may be reached at (412) 562-2586 or

Mike Gill, TMC Program Director

Mike Gill, TMC Program Director
Mike Gill joined the USW Grant Program in 1997 as a worker-trainer in the OCAW. He later was asked to serve on a Curriculum Adaptation Team and in July 1999 was hired as the DOE Grant Administrator for the newly formed PACE International Union. Later he was made the assistant director over grant programs. After the formation of the new USW, he assumed responsibility for the management of the grant programs of the Tony Mazzocchi Center within the Steelworkers Charitable and Educational Organization.

Mike was a chemical operator at the Uranium Gaseous Diffusion Facility in Piketon, Ohio prior to joining the Grant Program. While Mike was from Southern Ohio, he now resides in Pittsburgh.

Mike Gill may be reached at (412) 562-2324 or

Judy Gorman, TMC Budget Assistant

Judy Gorman, Budget AssistantJudy Gorman is one of the newest members of the USW Tony Mazzocchi Center staff working out of the Pittsburgh office. Her duties include processing payroll and third party expenses, as well as assisting TMC staff and worker-trainers with financial inquiries.

Gorman is a Pittsburgh native with a strong background in trust banking. She previously spent 37 years employed at PNC Bank, and set out to continue practicing her expertise in accounting, taking on fresh challenges.

“I am very glad to have become part of the TMC team,” Gorman said, “and I’m looking forward to meeting and assisting the rest of the staff and trainers in the future.”

She also expressed that her main goal is to provide the best possible service to staff, worker-trainers and members during this new endeavor.

Judy Gorman may be reached at 412-562-2433 or

Mary Krutz, TMC Program Coordinator

Mary Krutz, Program Coordinator
Mary’s work with the TMC includes coordination for the union of the USW and TMC involvement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Former Worker Medical Screening Program through the USW and Queen’s College Worker Health Protection Program (WHPP). Mary serves as a liaison between the USW and the DOE on this important program. She recognizes and appreciates the importance of this program and the impact it has had for USW retirees and all former workers from these sites. Mary also coordinates the USW and BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) training initiative, Putting Breast Cancer Out of Work.

Mary began her work with health and safety as a project coordinator in 2003 with PACE’s (Paper, Allied-Chemical, Energy Workers Union) Northeast Area Resource Center, a health and safety project which had its beginnings as part of the OCAW (Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers) Union with Tony Mazzocchi’s local union. Through funding received from the New York State Department of Labor, Occupational Health & Safety Training Grant, the Resource Center was able to provide health and safety training to local unions in the New York State area. Mary brings with her many years of experience with grant planning, coordination and oversight.

Her other responsibilities include providing technical support to the TMC’s website, the grant tracking database and assisting with the administration of TMC projects.

Mary Krutz may be reached at (412) 562-2579 or

Dave LeGrande, Occupational Safety and Health Director, Communications Workers of America

David LeGrande, Occupational Safety and Health Director, Communications Workers of America
David LeGrande is the Occupational Safety and Health Director for the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Since the CWA Occupational Safety and Health department and the USW Health, Safety, and Environment department initiated a formal alliance (2009), the CWA have become a partner with the TMC. During this time, several initiatives have been developed and put into effect. For example, jointly held grants awarded by the NIEHS and OSHA, the identification and recruitment of multiple CWA grant trainers, the conducting of many CWA local union grant training sessions and joint USW/CWA conferences, developing issues and related training materials on issues of mutual concern to the CWA and the USW such as union approach to occupational and environmental safety and health, ergonomics, heat stress, and lead, and partnering with the USW on several health, safety and environmental regulatory and legislative issues and activities.

In addition to receiving academic achievements such as a BA, MS and RN, and being a member and employee of the CWA for 35 years, the former Amalgamated Meatcutters (now UFCW) for three years and SEIU for seven years, David received the Lifetime Career Achievement Awards in Practice (focusing upon work, stress and health) from NIOSH.

Organize, and workers of the world unite!

David LeGrande may be reached at (202) 434-1160 or

Les Leopold, Labor Institute Director

Les Leopold, Labor Institute Director
Les Leopold is the director of the Labor Institute (1976) and a founding partner in the Tony Mazzocchi Center. Les serves as principal grant writer for the TMC and strategic consultant to Jim Frederick. He has been working on NIEHS-WETP training grants since 1988. His primary expertise is in the development of participatory pedagogy and training materials for adult workers, and in conducting popular education programs on the economy. He is the author of three books: "The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor: The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi" (Chelsea Green 2006), "The Looting of America: How Fantasy Finance Destroyed our Jobs, Pension and Prosperity and What we can do about it" (Chelsea Green 2009), and "How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour: Why Hedge Funds get away with Siphoning off America's Wealth" (Wiley, 2013).
Les is a frequent contributor to and the Huffington Post. Links to his written materials can be found at

Les Leopold may be contacted at (973) 744-4840 or

Nancy Lessin, TMC Senior Staff for Strategic Initiatives

Nancy Lessin, Senior Staff for Strategic Initiatives
Nancy Lessin has worked with unions on occupational safety and health issues for over 30 years, assisting them with developing a union approach to safety and health, building strong health and safety committees and addressing problems associated with work restructuring and challenge behavior-based safety (employer approaches that blame workers rather than address hazardous workplace conditions). She has presented training for unions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and Australia.

Nancy has worked with the USW for over 25 years, and served three terms as a USW Local Union President. Prior to coming to the USW/TMC, she worked for the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, at MassCOSH, and as a union organizer. In 1992, Nancy served on the USW's Women's Leadership Development Committee that adapted the Canadian “Women of Steel” course for the U.S.; she subsequently trained Women of Steel course facilitators for many years. She has been adjunct faculty at the National Labor College and at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s Labor Relations and Research Center.

She received a Master of Science Degree in Labor Studies from U-Mass Amherst’s LRRC in 2001. She served for five years on the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, providing advice to OSHA and NIOSH; and for five years on a NIOSH committee that looked into health and safety impacts of work restructuring. She has also served on Technical Work Groups convened under contract with MSHA dealing with health and safety issues in mines. In 2012 she was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Labor to serve as a labor representative on the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee.

She has received awards for her work from the Harvard School of Public Health, the American Public Health Association, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, and in 2010, she and her late husband Charley Richardson together received the Karen Silkwood Award from NYCOSH.

She looks forward to helping local unions strengthen health and safety committees, involve members, engage in "continuous bargaining” approaches to get tough health and safety problems addressed, prevent or end “blame-the-worker” safety programs and help local unions build solidarity and power to take on challenges that lie ahead.

Nancy Lessin may be reached at (617) 320-5301 or

Elaine McClaren, Senior Administrative Assistant

Elaine McClaren, Senior Administrative Assistant
Elaine McClaren, senior administrative assistant, has worked with the United Steelworkers for 43 years as of last March; the Health, Safety and Environment department for 15 years. She is considered support staff because she helps all staff members, working closely with Mike Wright and the Emergency Response Team.

Elaine was originally hired in March 1970 as the original member of the USW steno pool located in the personnel department and has over three years worked in just about every department, including the executive floor. I.W. Abel was president when she started.

She is in performance outside of the USW and has been in performance for 30 years with various choirs and show groups.

Elaine McClaren may be reached at (412) 562-2510 or

Kim Nibarger, Health and Safety Specialist

Kim Nibarger, Health and Safety Specialist
Kim Nibarger worked as a chief operator for Shell Oil Products, U.S., at the Puget Sound Refinery in Anacortes, Wash., prior to taking a leave of absence in 2004 to work for the former PACE Health and Safety Department as a Triangle of Prevention (TOP) program coordinator.

Kim has 17 years in refinery operations and served as a member and co-chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee for eight years. While at the Shell refinery, he was the union’s lead investigator on the team investigating a November 1998 accident that resulted in the loss of life for six workers. As a TOP program coordinator, his duties included root cause analysis of more than 50 serious chemical accidents nationwide. He has trained more than 250 USW (PACE) accident investigators.

Kim has testified at House and Senate committee hearings as well as the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board on issues pertaining to refinery safety.

In addition to regular assignments, he serves as an accident investigator for the USW Emergency Response Team. He was the USW investigator for the BP Texas City accident of March 2005. He has also conducted health and safety training classes internationally.

Kim Nibarger may be reached at (412) 562-2587 or

Steve Sallman, Safety and Health Specialist

Steve Sallman, Safety and Health Specialist
Steve Sallman is a safety and health specialist of the United Steelworkers' Health, Safety and Environment department at the international headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Steve’s employment history includes spending four years at the Iowa Division of Labor – OSHA, in the Consultation and Education Bureau as a safety and health consultant. Prior to this, he worked at the Firestone Tire and Rubber Plant for 13 years, where he served Local Union 310 as a full-time health, safety and environment representative for eight years.

Steve Sallman may be reached at (412) 562-2590 or

John Scardella, Program Administrator

John Scardella, Program Administrator
John Scardella was appointed in May 2011 to the position of program administrator under the TMC’s Worker Education Training Program grant.

Previously, from 2008 to 2011, John was a health and safety program coordinator under the TMC’s WETP Grant Program. From 2007 to 2008 he served as project manager of the New York State Occupational Safety and Health Technical and Educational Training Grant, supervising the training and administration of this project. From 2002 to 2007, John was the director of the PACE Northeast Area Resource Center coordinating the NYS-OSHT&E Grant as a NIEHS Consortium member to the NIEHS funded PACE Training Program and Ms. Foundation Women’s Grant and the Workers Environmental Council Training Grant. From 1999 to 2002 he served as president of PACE Local 0054 in Fulton, NY. He also served as trustee for the PACE Region 2 District Council, during the period of 2000 to 2005.

John is a Journeyman Electrician of the IBEW and worked as a controls electrician for Huhtamaki Consumer Packaging from 1997 to 2002.

John Scardella may be reached at (412) 562-2582 or

Sharon Thompson, Resource Technician

Sharon Thompson, Resource Technician
Sharon Thompson has worked in the Health, Safety and Environment department with the United Steelworkers (USW) International Union since 1999.

Sharon does technical research for local unions of the USW on health and safety issues. She also supports and works with the members by offering to provide workplace health and safety assistance, assist local unions with health and safety contract provisions, participating in government regulatory activity and rulemaking, and responds to ERT (emergency response calls: accidents/fatalities doing a full investigation as to the root cause and offering local union assistance where needed).

Sharon Thompson may be reached at (412) 562-2583 or

Mike Wright

Mike Wright may be reached at (412) 562-2580 or