April 20, 2016

No one should get sick from showing up to work

Alan White, U.S. Department of Labor Blog

When I started working at the foundry about 20 years ago, it was supposed to be my big break. I was a single parent on public assistance and was desperate for the dignity of work and a steady income to support my family. Instead of a lifeline, unfortunately, my new job led to a life-altering illness.

I now battle every day with a debilitating lung disease that I contracted by just showing up and doing my job in Buffalo, New York. Although I didn’t know about silica or the dangers of breathing it when I started, I am now certain that anyone breathing silica dust on a regular basis is taking a chance with their lungs and their lives. ... read more and listen to “The Human Cost of Silicosis: Secretary Tom Perez and Alan White"

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