August 12, 2015

Safety board member sneers at recommendations for improved safety regulations

Celeste Monforton, DrPH, MPH of Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University, The Pump Handle

I heard very troubling remarks yesterday from a member of the Chemical Safety Board. Mr. Manny Ehrlich said that he has a “fundamental philosophical disagreement” with the staff about making recommendations for new safety regulations. Mr. Ehrlich accepted a job and was confirmed by the Senate to make recommendations to prevent catastrophic chemical incidents. Now he tells us that he is taking an entire category of fixes off the table?

The Chemical Safety Board is modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). I know I’d be concerned if I heard members of the NTSB say: “we are philosophically opposed to making regulatory recommendations to the FAA” (or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration, for that matter.) The NTSB has the vitally important role of identifying regulatory gaps and other ways to prevent disasters. So does the CSB. ... more

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