April 01, 2018

Week 15 & 16: Feb. 25 to March 3 and March 4-10, 2018 in Puerto Rico

Fredy Llanos and William Bonilla of Make the Road New York (MRNY) were the last two SERTs deployed to Puerto Rico. Over the course of two weeks, the SERTs facilitated training in English and Spanish for workers and community members in Cataño, Ponce, San Juan and Bayamon. The training consisted of OSHA 10-hour in construction, OSHA 10-hour in general industry, mold awareness and train-the-trainer.

Jim Remington of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) commented:

“I had the pleasure to observe Fredy and William provides training to community folks (about 25 to 30) in Cataño and municipal workers in Ponce (about 18). The training was provided in Spanish and both Fredy and William did a great job of engaging the audience and encouraging their participation in activities. I understand that there are requests for additional training. I enjoyed watching the classes; even though my Spanish is little to none I was still able to get the concepts being conveyed. Great instructors and the value of providing the classes in Spanish versus English with a translator can’t be compared.”

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