November 28, 2017

Week five: Oct. 23-29, 2017 in Houston, Texas

Both Bonilla and Llanos are continuing their outreach in Houston and the surrounding areas this week.

MONDAY The SERTs continued their outreach in the morning, now traveling to the southern area of Houston, connecting with day laborers and delivering 60 more kits. They were also able to go to some of the work areas and directly reach laborers carrying out the removal of debris where they then talked to them about protecting themselves on the job. Twenty-five more kits were handed out.

During the afternoon and on, Bonilla and Llanos prepared more kits with the Fe y Justicia organization and confirmed the PPE needed for the upcoming training.

TUESDAY The SERTs collected 100 more safety kits from the organization to deliver to workers in affected areas on the east side of Houston. They visited five different sections, handed out 80 kits and gathered information from a couple workers who had grown ill due to working in those affected areas.

Bonilla and Llanos ended the day meeting back at the organization with trainers to collaborate on mold curriculum. The next training is set for Oct. 26.

WEDNESDAY Llanos and Bonilla concluded their community outreach, connecting with laborers located on the west side of Houston. They completed coverage of the four points they previously mapped, and were able to visit some corners a second time to further assist with health and safety education.

THURSDAY The SERTs started their day at 7:15 a.m. at the Workers Defense Project site in Houston. A train-the-trainer course for 19 worker-trainers went from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Following this, Llanos and Bonilla traveled to True Love Missionary Baptist Church to meet three members of Fe y Justicia, who were conducting a two-hour mold awareness training, ending their day at 6:30 p.m.

FRIDAY Bonilla and Llanos concluded their outreach as SERTs in Houston with the final scheduled train-the-trainer on mold awareness under their direction. Sixteen participants, who are members of the Fe y Justicia and Workers Defense Project organizations, successfully completed the training and were provided a set of personal protective equipment to use during their upcoming training sessions.

“Tomorrow morning we will return to New York a little exhausted but full of gratitude for the opportunity to come here and do wonderful work,” Bonilla said.

“We are convinced that the USW has positively influenced the lives of several people not just in the classrooms but on the corners where day laborers arrive, seeking jobs,” Bonilla said.

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